A Gathering of Knot Tyers

Braids 2019

The first international conference on Kumihimo was held in Kyoto 2007 followed by the second and third conferences in Manchester 2012 and Tacoma 2016 expanding the scope over narrow fabrics. The conference is going back to Japan again in 2019. The Kumihimo Society is happy to host the fourth conference in Iga-city, an old Kumihimo town located in the mountainous area between Kyoto and Nagoya.
The venue is at the center of the city where all the important places are in the walking distance, and is particularly convenient for eating and drinking out together in the evening.

Recommended for Adult.

The Kumihimo Society in association with the Braid Society and the American Kumihimo Society
Oct 13, 2019 to Oct 18, 2019
500 Uenomarunouchi
Iga, Mie Prefecture, 518-0873, Japan
click here for directions
¥ 5000/day

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